05 June 2010

Our new abode.

343 Herbert is no longer our home. We were sad to leave that street, but got over it when we realized we are exactly 2 blocks southwest of it! We moved into a bigger home, for the same amount of money! It has been exciting and crazy. I am glad we did it though.

Remind me to not move for five more years. What a nightmare:)

Did I mention we love the Liberty Park area! Ahh. Everyone was so great to help that day. I was super exhausted for some reason and so Mom sent me to bed and cleaned and unpacked my whole kitchen. She was so incredible. Dad and Dad Bishop helped Blake with the big stuff and we got to celebrate with some sandwiches from Moochies! Halle was a doll and after throwing up from being car sick and busted out the energy and cleaned a lot! She was a sweetie!

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  1. Moving is a lot of work! But it looks like a fun place!