05 June 2010

The Catch Up Post

Well I decided that I have too much to catch up on so my post will be the "all-in-one" post. I can not believe the busyness that has been going on over at the Bishop's. They say a picture says a thousands words....well let these substitute for my lack of desire to write a lot today. I am sure many will appreciate it since most bloggers scroll through pictures and don't read the post anyway:)

And so we begin with the end in the beginning...

I turned 25 this year! Yes it is one of those birthdays where you think to yourself, "This isn't really that big of a deal anymore. Bummer." I asked Blake if I could have a gala and everyone who came could come in big dresses and tuxedos with top hats, but alas my sweetie pulled me back to reality and went to Bajio's with my family!

The crazy West bunch

And their crazy parents

and my crazy parents. I am not sure what I would do without them!

Blake with Ty and Halle

For Blake's birthday we decided to join my family in Lake Powell. We could not have asked for a better trip (well, maybe less wind), but we seriously had the time of our lives. Thanks Miguel for the invite!

Drake and Ben

Maya, Tae, McKenna (this lady is powered by the sun), and Tess

Sweet little Claire and my Powell buddy, Austy! I seriously was debating on kidnapping her!
So cute!

My sweet wake surfing battle wound. I almost lost my arm with the rip of the rope,

A svelte G-Money Surfing

Tessa was very concerned of the wake enthusiasts so she was a little anxious on the boat.

Drake helped me write Happy birthday in the sand for Blake when he woke up. Drake was the biggest champ on this trip. He caught a gazillion lizards!

Blake's 24th Birthday with his Uh-Oh Oreo Cake. I placed them myself.

Mike and the sweet and silent Brig. I think every home needs one of these little guys. He was so darling.

Men from the Ugatu tribe made their way to the shores. Chief Jones mentioned if we did not join them, they would have to destroy us.

So maybe I can't play basketball, but I can kind of surf ok!

Cute Ben rockin' the knee board

So I have a huge crush on this guy, and why not?

Tae Tae tearin it up on the wakeboard.

Don't you just want to wrap her up and snuggle her! Muah!

Charlie was sporting a lot of high fashion outfits this week. My favorite was her beach photo shoot in the water shoes and pj's. Sure to make the cover of Elle.
One night she came out on the front of the boat and we had a little heart to heart...
Charlie: Jaclyn, Blake calls you Jac, so I think I might call you Jac too.
Me: Well if you call me Jac I get to call you Chuck.
Charlie: (laughs) Those are boy names. Ok. Even though people call me Coco too. Jac and Chuck (Then she laughed and went back on the boat.)
What a cool kid.

The girls decided to get in a water fight with Garrett. He got totally wasted.

These cats were crazy! Emma, Aubrey, and Maya! I think I threw them in the Lake several times for trying to splash me while I was laying out.

Another birthday surprise!
Blake sold his Jeep and so we have been trying for a month to find a car he felt satisfied with. At many attempts I decided to take matters into Jordan (Blake's cousin) hands and we bought Blake a Mini Cooper...The cool thing was is he had NO clue! Happy Birthday surprise!

Jordan did everything for me while we went to Powell so that when we got back Blake didn't have to worry about it. We are still undecided of the sex of this sweet little zipper, if he is a male Mr. Kingsley will suffice, but sometimes it makes this sassy super charger noise, making it very difficult to disagree that he is a she and Ms. Kensington will do just fine.

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