05 March 2012

a shower for syss.

over the weekend we had a special little party for a very special friend of mine.
allyssa is having a baby boy so nikson will have a partner in crime.
she is due in two months so we thought we would get in a celebration before baby finn arrives.
i don't ever really know what to do at showers, but we had fun.
especially since nikson was flirting with all the ladies.

we ate sweet and savory crepes courtousy of bethany with the best party punch on the planet.
we also had my awarding winning...er... second place winning chocolate chip cookies.
won myself a fancy spatula at the ward bake-off!

browns and whites were the theme.
doilies are hitting the trend scene i suppose.
i get sick of the blue and pink stuff.

baby finn was present.
thank heavens.

nikson loves allyssa's sister hailey.
and hailey loves nikson.
she wants us to create our own reality show.
anyone want to fund it?

the gals minus a few early leavers!

we could quite possibly be the most embarrassing pair.
i guess that's why i like her so much!
nikson is into phones nowadays.
he gets that from his...parents!

what did you guys do over the weekend?


  1. you are the best hostess ever.
    I cannot wait til I'm not huge anymore.
    Nikson's face is so legit in that photo.
    I have the bestest friends.
    all done.

  2. What a cute little party! You have such beautiful friends :) M and I have those very same curtains hanging in our bedroom - we love the fun pattern!

    Over the weekend we went to 4 wineries and a distillery, and met with a potential wedding photographer! :)

  3. super cute! love the brown and white theme.

    xo the egg out west.

  4. such a cute shower! I am loving it. I wish I was there. Thanks for the comment on my blog, Please send your friend over! I would love to see her ideas!!!


  5. what a cute display! i love all of the white!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  6. cute design!

    i love it all.

    is that your home?

    gorgeous & cozy!


  7. You did a great job, such a cute table. It's good to have friends in the trenches with you, the baby trenches. Someone to complain to but also to tell you your kid is absolutely the cutest kid in the world.

  8. Your faces in those last 2 pics- crack me up! haha! Looks like a great shower!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog pretty lady! Your blog is so lovely!:)

  10. what a lovely shower. and a great looking bunch of ladies! :)

  11. Beautiful Shower! Glad you like Portlandia:). Wanna be friends?!?! You might be the only person I {know} that has ever heard of Portlandia.

  12. What a beautiful shower. I only wish I could be so creative. I'm not so I am hardly ever in charge of showers/parties. Bummer.

  13. What a wonderful party...love the brown and white!!

  14. Oh the cutest decor ever! xo

  15. How cute are you!! Loving your blog. Newest reader!

  16. Looks like you had a great time!
    Emma xx

  17. What a lovely blog dear, so adorable *.* kisses, KATEFP

  18. Well done..this is aBsolutely beautiful... i love the white and brown decorations.

  19. Aww, your blog is darling and I love the decorations for the party! :)