02 March 2012

love letter

dear dear,

i can not express to you in an ample amount of words how excited i am for the weekend.
i need a break from busy life and to just relax with you and the little.
i also decided that we are going to move one day to this place.

don't worry.
our kids won't know we have money.
we will just live on balboa island and go to the beach.
i will start saving now.
also, i need to tell you something,
your bottom looks really cute as you sleep face down in the couch.
i was going to snuggle and watch social network with you, but i think i will leave you and go watch downton alone.
do not feel badly, you are a sleepy little lamb.

i also really love this song right now.

feel free to think of me when you here it.

also- i really want it to snow so much tonight that we get snowed in and we have to stay home from work.
do you think noni and syssa would snowshoe over for the ward bake off?
we shall see.

love you.
a whole lot.
happy weekend.


  1. Cute post! I love Fiest and that song/video. We miss having you here too!

  2. wow those homes are awesome!! reminds me of when i used to live in huntington beach!

  3. syssa doesn't want it to snow, she doesn't have snowshoes.

  4. you can have some of our snow! really! :)

  5. Oh you're a nice mom. Unfortunately I apparently say things like "do you think money grows on trees" so much that my kids think we're dirt poor. Actually at the moment we kinda are.

  6. Um, I am falling more and more in love with your blog.
    That's all.
    Oh, Just Livin' the dream

  7. I want to do all of the above. ;) minus the snow. I've got enough of it over here :)

  8. Cool! Glad you found me via Megs @ Happy Hour! We were college roommates in UT. Your blog is cute! I'll be following it!

  9. aww! I love the way you write!

  10. i love a beach house