26 August 2010

Bishop's California Trip

I have been such a slacker. But I have an excuse...I am pregnant, work full-time, and have to take care of my cute hubby. So there. Here are pics from the California trip. The trip was supposed to be a reunion with Brooklyn and Mike and Baby Kashton, but alas we have to hold out until Christmas. We missed them a lot. I look a little pregnant, but you should see me now. Holy macrakrel. No pants fit, No shirts fit, and much to my mother's dismay I will tell you that my chest is now a healthy C-cup. Shout praises! I miss my little chest though. It fit nicely in things.
Nat and Ty met up with us at Huntington. That was a blast. Blake and Tyson just skim boarded the whole time.

And he's down.

In San Clemente

Mom, Dad, and Brynlee. So cute.

US Surf Competition. So cool. The surfers were so good and fun to watch although the waves could have participated a bit more.

my cute husband.

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  1. that trip looks so fun!!!! and no one wants to know your cup size!!! hahaha