29 August 2010

We are having a boy...

On Friday morning Blake and I got up at 6:30 to get ready to go see Dr. England at Riverton Hospital. We decided to find out the sex of the raspberry so that I could plan everything (Blake knows how much better our lives are when I can plan.) So we went into the office and waited, and waited. And waited. We waited so long that Blake had time to figure out how we would escape the room if there happened to be a zombie attack on the hospital. Almost an hour later, Dr. England came in apologizing that he was late and listened to the heart beat. All things were good and then I asked about finding out. He said he doesn't do that ultra sound until 20 weeks. Not the best thing to tell an anxious pregnant woman! I told him I had to find out because I was having a baby shower next weekend in Colorado and everyone was dying to know. He apologized again and said no. I was so sad and I think he realized the world he had just crushed so he said, "I get off at 1:00pm today. Come back at 12:45pm and I will do the ultrasound!" Then he left. I was so so excited! I got work off for the morning, and got to hang out with Natalie and little Luke while Blake went to work. We asked Luke what he wanted me to have and he said, "Uhn, a boy." If my baby turns out like Luke, I would be thrilled. He is so darling! So we ran a couple errands and Nat and Luke came with me to the second appointment. I called Blake when we got there and he was driving to meet me, but wouldn't make it in time. I asked if he could be on the phone while we watched and they said he could. So we went in the ultrasound room. Dr. England had Luke turn off the lights and he put the jelly on my belly. I love my doctor because he knows me pretty well, for not really knowing me at all. Nat and I were dying as he explained where the arms were and the head, the tummy, and the legs. Although I am sure he was helping Luke figure out what he was seeing, Nat and I were like, "WHAT IS IT!" He switched the position of the little instrument thing and got the underside view of the legs. Without him even saying a word, "We are having a boy!" "It's a boy!" Blake was like, "A boy? No way!" Then Nat and I started laughing because there was no doubt that my little raspberry is going to be so bugged he got nicknamed "Raspberry" for the first few months of his life! I, of course, was emotional, mostly because I am so relieved. I wanted a boy so bad and I think my family did too, besides The Jones' girls who just want to add to their numbers:) Luke was smiling so big and he was all, "Jac, you are having a boy." We thanked my rad Doctor a bizillion times and hurried to Nat's house to meet up with Blake and show him the pictures. Blake's family is so excited. Grandpa Bishop was worried he wouldn't have anyone to carry the Bishop name since they have lots of granddaughters and no grandson's that have it. (Kashton is a Gulbranson). I know Kashton is excited too. Brooke is probably more excited because she was worried about us having a girl without her. Brooke, we will wait for you! Halle wanted a boy so she can still be the favorite Utah girl! We called the fam and everyone is stoked for the new addition. Mamie is about to wet her pants. She prayed we would have a boy for her Cash and Mike's Brigham to hang out with (too bad you live in Oregon, making it difficult to "chill"). Ver, it's ok, just check our eyes for free! Garrett still remains the only man who has struggles making a man. It's ok G, you needed to have all girls. What better life than to have six little Stacey's in cheer outfits and going on dates? Good Luck Brother, they are cuties.

It's really crazy being the one who carries the baby and has to sort out through all the emotions. We went camping this weekend and got to relax a lot so I was able to do a lot of thinking. As a mom, with the little experience I have, you really start to wonder who this little person will be. My hopes for our family revolve around having strong testimonies in the gospel of Jesus Christ and being good examples. Hoping he will be the one to stick up for the underdog, take care of his mom, and be his Dad's best friend. I was a little worried about how a baby would affect our home and my relationship with Blake, especially since we have only been married for a short time. But I am learning about and loving Blake a lot more than I ever thought I could. Yeah, things get hard, they are supposed to, but he is the best and I am grateful. All day yesterday I thought about all the things we get to teach our son and how we will do it. I imagine our home becoming a safe place to learn about the good and the bad that is in the world. Blake has been really anxious to have open communication and help Baby feel comfortable talking about "things". All I know is I have married the perfect guy for the job. We get anxious, nervous, and worried just like everyone else, but when it comes to figuring out what this baby will learn and helping him make good choices we are up for the task. I am so grateful that we get to have this baby boy in our home. Wahoo! I am so excited and ready to finish off this pregnancy. Get him here already...I know, I like five and a half more months. Blast.

Name: Bret Nikson Bishop (Don't steal it, we worked hard for this name) We are calling him Nikson.
Due Date: 26 January 2011


  1. Jaclyn!! What a great post. And even though I had a girl first I remember all these same thoughts before andie came. What a crazy/fun/new time. You do have big changes in front of you & some of it will be hard. But I promise it's amazing & your life will never be the same. Funny though it's hard to remember life without kids now. What a lucky baby boy to have YOU as a mom:)

    Sarah & Ty

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys!

  3. yahoo! congrats! i love those nursery pics too!

  4. Congrats Jackie! It still hasn't sunk in that you are having a baby.:) We are so excited for you. It can't wait to see you with a baby. We have got to get to together again. Its been too long!