08 September 2010

Happy Anniversary to us...

Well one year down and how do I feel? Well I feel like a year is not very long for all that we have been through. I married a pretty cool guy, not knowing that he was destined to be even more cool than I thought. I definitely married up, although you will hear me remind Blake every once in a while how he has "lucked out." I am a flippin' steal! I love my life. We have a lot to be proud of, a lot to think about, and more things to pray about. It is interesting to be married for only a year when you feel like you have spent a lifetime with each other. A great lifetime. To celebrate we went to Colorado. Some may wonder, "Why would you spend your anniversary with your family?" And I say, "because they are the coolest!"

Tae and Austy at Aubrey's baptism. We love spending time with the kiddos in CO. It is crazy how grown up everyone is getting. I can't decide who is more shocking: Ammon or Gabbie. So crazy for me to witness them becoming teenagers. Gabbie is singing Nelly and Ammon is watching football plays on YouTube. Oldness.

My lover and I. He is pretty cute. I am not going to lie, I don't love pictures when I am preggo, yuck.

How darling did this picture turn out? Aubrey was so cute at her baptism with all her buddies. They are all so cute. Maya, Emma, Aubrey, and Claire.

Blevins, Tae, Logan, and Gabbie: see what I mean, oldness.

We got in some pool time at Garrett and Stacey's house. Tessa is the cutest. She took off her floaties to get in the hot tub because, "I can sthand up all by my sthelf."

19 weeks. There you have it, one big fat belly. A lady at church asked if I was 7 months. Rude.

We had to take this picture for Blake's dad. There were two of these guys just hanging out by Garrett's house.

The stealthy sleepover crew. Everyone wanted to sleepover, but only a few managed to talk their mom's into it. We had fun! We went to Mike and Debbie's and finished a puzzle and watched FernGully. Well, they did. Blake and I are old and we went to bed. We woke up to the best breakfast known to mankind. Biscuits and gravy! Yum!

Pam really out did herself.

I love this little lady!

We had a great time with the family and love being in Colorado. It was nice to just relax and eat. I think that's why my family is so happy, they just relax and eat. My dad says it's because that is how you socialize the best.

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