03 November 2010


Happy Halloween Folks!

Our buddy Noah.

Dressing up for Halloween this year wasn't my most favorite. It was hard to figure out what to be. We always go as couples and this year we couldn't pull off Danny and Sandy. I thought, "I could wear all black and glue face cards on me and goes as "Black Jac". Nope. Then the whole, Blake could be a farmer and I could be his pumpkin... Uh uh. So then cute Mama Cheryl was helpful and we tried out Hercules and Megara. The baby body would just not go for it. What did we decide to do you ask? Something lame, but incredibly cheap. Brangelina here we...went. Here we are in our glory adorned with our ethnic children.

On Saturday our cute friends, Noah and Allyssa threw a Halloween party at their house, which also happens to be a mortuary. Muahhhahaha! It was legit.

This is a little lady they had out for decor. Yeah, she's real. Real old!

Noah and Allyssa went as The Mad Hatter and Alice, Noah's outfit was homemade. Lyss even assembled a spool of thread necklace and sewed lace onto the cuffs of the coat. She seriously has some serious talent.

My bestie got to come and join us. She actually didn't dress up. She always looks like a cupcake.

The family at Grandma's for Dinner on Sunday. Dad came as Bruce Willis.

All the grand kids and Chris as Freddie Kruger, (he always dresses up. Such a cool dude).

To top off the night and start November off right we went home and made a fort on our bed. Magical.