04 November 2010

Totally Diggin' Industrial Chic

What is it about industrial chic? It has become "THE" style for home decor. I would have to say the crisp freshness combined with vintage flare provides something of magic for me. My mother would say there is too much white space and it isn't very cozy feeling. Her home is warm and you could spend hours on her couch and sleep your days away. That's probably why we chose to go there so often, to rest and rejuvenate. But there is something to be said about stainless steel, industrial piping, brick walls, hard wood flooring, and vintage storage and seating. Probably so much to be said that I am beating a dead horse (which is wrong and gruesome). So I will leave it at this; I love the look that it gives and the power behind the pieces.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the GROCERY words. This style is right up my ally girl!