28 October 2010

Some blogs that I love...

Last night a friend asked me what blogs I love. I gave her a list and then decided I would share. Not only do I follow my oh so talented friends, (Whipped Cream on Top) and my lovely family (McPherson Love Nest) but I have an assortment of flavors in the how-to and home department. Here are my top 5 most favoritest blogs.
Young House Love
The Petersik's are my favorite DIY couple! Their blog not only includes their trials and triumphs of house renovation and decorating, but they give you a little peek into their real life with Baby Claire and Burger, their pup. I have gained a great deal of knowledge from this blog and you can blame them for my obsession with wanting to use cloth diapers. Thank you mini showerhead for the toilet.

Design Sponge
Design*Sponge is a daily website dedicated to home and product design run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney. Grace has the best before and after tutorials and great ideas for the home. I absolutely love seeing what she posts everyday. She highlights fashion and artists that are to die for. Like the talented Gemma Ahren. Her home was just barely featured.

(NB for Nikson Bishop, right?)

Bleubird Vintage
Who doesn't know Miss James? Clothing designer, lover of a great many vintage items, and the cutest little mama bird, and she has a darling shop on etsy. And much to my surprise and excitement, she uses cloth diapers too!

Promise TangemanThis girl has got it going on. I kind of wish I had the talent she had. She is a web designer and photographer and her wedding was so stellar. She will always have cool DIY crafts or she will feature upcoming artists. She also has my Tiger shirt.

Last, but not least, Sweet PaulChasing the Sweet Things in Life

This guy has won my simple heart. His recipes are to die for and his crafts and projects are super easy and so classy. Love.

I want to know where you get your inspiration? Leave me a comment of what awesome blogs blow your mind.

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  1. Why thank you Jac. I looked at so many design blogs last night I couldn't sleep, all I could think about was paint colors! Love ya...