05 December 2010

Thrifting with Pam...

Thrifting in Utah has become quite a challenge for me because I feel like I don't quite know when to go to find "the goods". So I have decided that I must thrift with Pam. My mother is quite the little thrifter. During Thanksgiving Break in Colorado, we decided to go out and see if we could find a rocking chair for the nursery. Although we didn't find a chair, we got 50% off everything we bought! It was like we were supposed to go that day. My mom would get so excited about her finds, I think that is why she's the best to go with. Here is what we scored...

A turquoise casserole dish and a sweet little gravy pourer (is that a word?)

Milk glass vases...have I ever mentioned my undying love for milk glass. It's so pretty.

My teapot! I have been looking for a teapot to go with my Valentine's present for soooo long and we turned the corner and my mom gasps, "Jaclyn!" She knows me too well.

Stocking holders. I got four, you know, just in case. (wink) They are tarnished and gold, but once I spray them you will get to see all the Christmas decor in it's full glory.

What have you found thrifting lately? I am in desperate need of a warm wool jacket for my pregnant belly and a nice Starsky and Hutch suit for my love. We will see!


  1. These are my favorite places that I usually go atleast every other week:)

    Home Again
    Home Again II
    Now and Again
    Emilie Jayne
    Retro Rose
    Homegoods - not thrift store, but fun stuff!

  2. I love Emilie Jayne. I go once a week!!! Jen we need to hang out, like now.

  3. i love pam! i hope you had a fun thanksgiving and that you're enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy as much as you can!