29 January 2011

Braxton Hicks and Bili Rubin should be names of cheesy country singers...

Unfortunately, just like Mom and Dad, Nikson had jaundice when he was born. I am learning that most babies do, and I am grateful we could treat it at home. The hospital's way of treating him was on a fiber optic mat in just a diaper with space goggles on. Not a mom's or a baby's most favorite thing.

Nikson had to stay on the lights all the time except for when he ate so it made it hard for visitors to get to hold him. We were finally given the go-ahead to take him off the lights Thursday night.

He was a champ through the whole thing. Even when we had to go prick his heel for four days in a row. I hate needles. I hate needles pricking my baby.

This is the spaceship he got to sleep in. His chest was glowing green and it made me think of ET. The Bilibed guy said to put him on the floor in it. Not in this drafty house, I'll make it fit, right in his bassinet.

Nikson got his first package in the mail to top off the week! Aunt MaZat sent him the coolest robot PJ's ever! She knows us too well. (Should have taken a picture of the pj's, oops!)

Grandpa Jones came to pick up my mother and got to spend some time with us. He makes every baby sleep. I guess it's because he is so comfy! I love when he comes into town.

Halle just wants to hold him all the time, which is OK with us.

Blake has been so cute with him. Most of the time they have "grown-up" conversations. I laugh.

My mom left today which seemed too early but I have accepted it as so. After a few meltdowns and sudden bawl fests, I am doing much better. She thinks she wasn't super helpful; we had dinner brought in every night from the Relief Society, and I haven't had too many "transitioning into mommy mode" problems, but she just brings a sense of calm into my home and my heart. She gives me insight and advice that I consider invaluable. I love being with her and having her as a mom. I have lots to learn from her. She just knows me and tries to help me be a better wife and now a better mom. I love her lots.

Blake came into the kitchen today and said, " I don't know if you know this, but there is a baby in our room. I guess we have to be adults now." I may have cried a little. I felt a big knot build up in my throat. It is scary to think we have to be in charge of this little tiny person. Somehow he just trusts us and knows we will pull through for him.

Then I look at him and for some reason, I know we can do it too.


  1. he is so cute jac! and you can do it! the super emotional-ness will pass soon - it's still crazy to think you have a baby but it's a lot less scary when you're not so hormonal :) if you need anything let me know!

  2. Why am I not there! He is melting my heart! he is just so precious! And I still think he is the cutest newborn out of all the grandkids!

  3. He is so perfect Jac! Seriously such a cute newborn. congrats girl. I still want to come visit you. I am not working anymore so I have all the time in the world!

  4. Jac & Blake - he is soo beautiful enjoy him every minute

  5. He is gorgeous! I hope we can meet him in person very soon!

  6. He is too cute! Wish I still lived down the street & could come see him. He really is making me baby hungry :) Enjoy each stage-it all goes too fast!

  7. You and Blake are going to be just fine. Your baby is so adorable. I know we are done having babies but I do miss having those sweet spirits in my home. If you need anything let me know would love to come help you out. Even if you just need a meal K. We love ya and tell you mom I said hello and miss her. Kendra Bailey

  8. Hi is so CUTE!!! He seems like such a sweet baby. I can't wait for my turn to hold him! I can't tell who he looks like yet, who do you think?

    Hugs and Smooches,


  10. He is just so stinkin cute, I seriously love that boy!

  11. I can't believe you're both parents now. He's a cute little tike.

  12. This is a beautiful post Jac! He is a handsome baby! Nikson has an amazing mommie and daddy ! xoxoxox