14 November 2011

eclectic and minimalistic...

Over the weekend it was brought to my attention by a very handsome, dapper, sophisticated, charming, but painfully frank husband that our home is not as he would have it.
I repeat, he is not happy with our humble abode. The structure and frame is quite to his liking, but the interior trinkets have long over stayed their welcome and he would like me to cut down on my decorating habits.
It was like a stab to my heart.
I was shocked, appalled, and quite frankly devastated that all my time and attention has amounted to an unhappy husband.
Some friends were around to witness the awful scene and some were quick to my rescue in arguing the point that a house is not a home unless there are trinkets involved.
Thank you Allie for understanding me, being so stalwart, and having my back girl.

I know my husband has deep rooted resentment toward decorating.
To him decorating is spelled M.O.N.E.Y.
(which we have very little of for spending on frivolous home accessorizing loot.)
I blame no one for his problem.
He has to fight his own demons. 

I did a little test to try and ease the burden for him.
We had some other friends over and we were discussing the art of thrifty and the man started in with his trinket talk.
It started to get hot. (when I say hot, I mean, friendly fire.)
"Point to anything in this room and ask me how much I spent on it."
Those of you that know me read that last statement with some pretty thick sass.
Very thick indeed.
The pointing began, one dollar, five dollars, two dollars and fifty cents, given to me, given to me, free, found, given to me, clearance, designer's discount, etc.
My responses never exceeded the twenty dollar amount until we started getting to the sofa and chair.
The result?
Drum roll please...
Our living room/family room (including our Zgallerie sofa that I got for a SCREAMING deal mind you and all of my little trinkets, pictures, frames, and crafts) amounted to a total of $350.

Not one soul can even find a sofa...
that is as big and as comfortable for $350! 
(that is an exaggeration of course, but I am totally in the zone right now. trying to make a point.)

So the reason for my post is very simple.
I want to make it known, here and now, that when get the opportunity and are blessed to own our own home we will have a very different look than what you have seen before.

Eclectic yet minimalistic.

Our home will have a little bit of me.
and a little bit of Mr. Particular.

What do you think about our sorry situation? What style would your home be?


  1. I TOTALLY can relate to your situation. Needless to say Trev would have blank walls everywhere if it meant saving an extra penny. :) You can come to Ohio and decorate my house with your thrifty finds any day. My dream home is filled with fresh flowers and natural light.

  2. Johnny agrees with Blake on this one (I read this to him out loud since we are talking about re-decorating.). However, he was shocked that you spent so little. I got myself in trouble when I said you decorated a room for less than $400! He snapped, "That's what you want to spend on one mirror!". I explained I don't want to spend that amount of money on one item, I just happened to like that mirror that cost x amount of dollars. I then comforted him by reminding him that I am working with my awesome best friend, Jaclyn, to try to give this place a new look and feel for us, without breaking the bank! So he feels a lot better now. I am sure he'll ask me to call you before I buy anything! Especially after I told him the story about the dishes I wanted to buy, and the dishes you lead me to.

  3. Cristy! Tell Johnny to settle down. There are lots of options out there, you just have to be patient and not become emotionally attached to the "things" because you will find better deals.
    Amy- I want come to Ohio!

  4. Can you please tell me how you got your cOuch for so cheap??? I am in love wIth this couch abd have had my eye on it for a while.