09 November 2011

far beyond desirable

everyone knows that anthropologie has totally got us figured out. 
they found out the secret.
produced it with the finest quality.
and now have created a world that is simply exquisite. 

with that being said...
have you seen their holiday decor?

if I had all the money in the world...

for now i will just do my best 
to recreate 
my own winter wonderland.

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  1. i LOVE your new header! and i also LOVE anthro. it's actually more like an obsession. ohhh, the days before marriage when i could actually shop there...

  2. dude. seriously. its so sad. one day allie. one day.

  3. I was there today! I love Anthropologie. For now, you are right; you can re-create some of their stuff. Especially the Mason Jar snow globes. I bet those are easy to make. They are not filled with any liquids.