16 April 2012

the challenge

words really can not express the gratitude i feel for all your sweet responses and for all the emails i have been getting over the weekend.
should it come as a shock that so many of us are affected by social media?
some are in so deeply that their homes are decaying and their hearts are breaking.
others have no other alternative to connecting with loved ones.
when i said it was heavy stuff, i meant it.
so after spending much of my weekend nursing my two little sickies back to health, sterilizing my house, throwing away snotty tissues, pleading that i do not catch the bug, and studying up on the "what to do about my disconnected life" question during nap times...
(yes both handsome and the little were sick and in constant need of snuggling the mrs.)
i have decided to take this blog in a little different direction.
once a week i will have a topic that is hot in our home...i.e. last weeks social networking whirlpool and our disintegrating relationship.
my hope is that we can gain perspective from each other and i can share things i am finding to remedy our relationship and help heal family life.
i will issue a challenge to myself and report back on my progress.

last wekk blake and i deleted facebook and all the social networking apps on our phones.
holy cow.
it felt so heroic.
i kid you not, we had the most wonderful weekend and we didn't even do anything.
we were better to each other and more involved in the now.
it felt AWESOME!

this week my challenge is kind of little, but i feel really excited about it.
i made this print to keep by my computer to remind me of my choices and if what i am doing is contributing to the harmony of my home.

it was inspired by this video i watched that was made by mormon messages.
it was made for the youth, but i think each of us can find it's applicable vices.

now i know not everyone who reads this blog is mormon.
some of you may not even know what the cuss i am talking about.
i am mormon and a lot of my feelings and thoughts will be based off of what i believe.
feel free to cater it to your life, or if you are unsure how it can relate to you,
email me.
we can figure out how it will best help you and your own life.

so that's it.
it is really easy.
i am just going to put this little sign by my computer and see what happens.
next week i wanna talk facebook.
i have been studying up some gems for you.

thanks for being a part of my changes!
happy monday.


  1. Congratulations! It feels like your free doesn't it? :) Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  2. Jaclyn,

    I think this is awesome! I have rid myself of FB several times... and it feels so liberating!

    It can be so dangerous... in so many ways... comparison, temptation, coveting, etc.

    Being that my marriage was destroyed by lies, addiction, pornography, and the entire cyber world (eventually leading to infidelity with strangers and women from his high school), I am VERY cautious about it now! I'm not remarried yet, but I do know that I will have some pretty specific boundaries when it comes to this stuff.... I was too naive to even question it before...

    My current boyfriend loathes FB... he only uses the internet to search stuff he needs for school or work. This makes me feel very safe and like you said, it allows us to focus on each other, my son and the now ;)



  3. this is great! i deleted a few apps myself the other day and it felt great. i added more music instead, which i think is one of the more important things in life. im also trying to add new books to read before bed instead of instragram, twitter, and words with friends.

    but if all of that fails. we'll be robots soon enough.
    xo the egg out west.

  4. um I detected one error in your blog post... not to be rude, but I think I must point it out:
    "i kid you not, we had the most wonderful weekend and we didn't even do anything"
    that statement is false. your weekend was wonderful, certainly but it was because you did something exceptional.
    let me remind you, this does not happen on any ol' weekend... perhaps you could insert something along the lines of..
    "we didn't even do anything... except meet up with my wonderful & cute Canadian friend and her hot husband!"

    jac, i must say, it saddens me you forgot about our splendid reunion.
    :) I LOVE YOU. Come visit me next time?

  5. I wanted to stop by your blog and say thanks for your comment on my "baby girl" post. You have a beautiful family (Nikson..that name is adorable!)and I think your "challenge" is such a great idea! Although I'm not married, I can definitely see how it effects the family and dating process. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on the topic.