30 July 2012

who are you?

lately i have been feeling my heart pulling towards heaven.
a lot of people i know have been struggling.
physically and spiritually.
i believe in God and so naturally my first instinct is to go to Him for peace and direction.
today was one of those days i needed Him.
i was talking to my mom about all the opposition i was feeling and she gently reminded me of the conviction i have about my relationship with Heavenly Father.
she is a good woman that Pamela.
always right on the ball.

there is a lot of discord in the world right now.
from violence around the world to heartache within individual homes.
it never makes sense, and yet i have never felt more aware of a loving Heavenly Father and His knowledge of me and my individual needs.
i have always found strength in knowing that and peace in feeling that.
i never doubt God and His ways and i never blame Him when tragedy strikes.
i consider myself blessed to be so aware of my feelings.
i also believe that things happen to us for a reason, to help us understand who we are intended to be.
my hope is that i become who He created.


  1. "my hope is that i become who He created." that's beautiful, jaclyn. this whole thing. i'm sorry for the heart hurt and opposition you feel right now. but you're right. all we need to do is trust in Him with all our heart and leave it up to Him.

  2. God has a plan for everyone.
    Sometimes its so stinkin' hard but you just have to believe that everything happens for a reason.
    Hang in there, pretty!

  3. You're a good woman Jac! love you much!