24 October 2012

but why wouldn't you want a girl?

"i want to make one thing quite clear...i never explain anything."
i think mary poppins said it best when she chose to dodge the chimney sweep bullet and not explain anything. 
that's sometimes what i want to say to people when they ask me why i don't want a girl.
i would prefer a house full of crazy boys who break bones, pottery, and hearts thank you very much.
i have dealt with raising a girl before, (aka myself), and seriously, i about died.
i almost didn't make it through my teens people, let alone being a young adult.
how my mother survived me is in fact one of life's greatest mysteries.
oh sure i am fun now, but now is a more mild, mellowed out version.
can you imagines "this" i was in fact more intense than i am now.
precisely my point.

i will admit, although the little is quite possibly the cutest thing that has ever breathed the same air as me, 
having a girl would be quite a completely beautiful adventure.

 images and sources found via aye bay bay


  1. these pictures make me want a little girl! don't tell chad.

    1. yeah like that first one. O.M.G.

    2. right?? i can't wait to meet lil baby girl bishop!! :) hahaha

    3. oh i will have you babysit more if we have a girl so you can know how serious i am!

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  4. Congrats Jaclyn! I am working on baby #1 and was terrified the weeks leading up to finding out what we were having. The thought of a girl terrified me (I also almost didn't make it through teenage-hood). Heavenly Father went easy on me and is giving us a boy (phew)! Either way, your baby will be just adorable as #1