06 November 2012

he works hard for the money

(no the child doesn't mow, although he was a few months when he we strapped him into the baby bjorn and he mowed with dad.)

one thing handsome and i decided before we started breeding beautiful children was that our kids would know from an early age how to work and be self-reliant.
the most hilarious thing we have seen is our little just working along side us.
he helps me fold the laundry, put the dishes away, clean the bathroom, and vaccuum.
is he very good at it?
not really, but he is learning and he is happy.
and honestly, work makes babies happy.

(this is the new excited face.)
he does it when we get him out of bed in the morning, when we have a fun snack, and when dad gets home.
i love it.

happy election day!
i hope you voted!

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