13 November 2012

my baby is growing up

they say you should take advantage of the small days because your kids grow up really fast.
handsome and i could not agree more, so whilst the little is growing everyday, at a very fast pace,
we are taking full advantage of this boy.

he asked to go by himself.
we almost weren't going to allow it, but he was determined.
he was a champ. 

i rarely clean his face.
is that a crime?
i figure it will probably be dirty soon enough anyway.
lets just wait for bed or bath time!
(also a little secret, he is nakey under there! ALWAYS NAKED!)

this boy was born to be outside and we love it.
this past weekend's snow storm gave us plenty to do and he begs to be in the snow!
he is definitely handsome's son. 

also- our snowman needed a lavender brooch. 

giveaway coming up soon. 
get ready to spread more holiday cheer!


  1. hahahhahaa. love that dirty little face.

  2. Tell me something. Are those pink snow pants?

    1. haha. that they would be! listen syss, it takes a real man to wear pink! (aka, we got them for free:)

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  3. wow really....Just joking....Very nyc clicks and you will remember these in future and gfeel happy..
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