20 June 2009

La Storia di Impegno

Last Wednesday Blake was being all secretive on the phone and talking to his family in the other room and on the phone outside so I knew "something" was up. Monday we both decided to take the whole day off on Thursday and do wedding stuff. I had my dress fitting and we wanted to go look at apartments so I figured he was planning some hike or something.
That night he told me I needed to pack a bag for the next day. "Bring a swimsuit and an cute outfit." So Thursday morning he made me call and cancel some of my appointments and we drove to the airport. I was so confused and I was texting everyone to say what was going on. He checks in at JetBlue, compliments of his aunt Shauneen who is a babe for helping him, all secretive and we head for the gate. We walk up to the gate and it says, "San Diego." " SHUT UP!" I start freaking out and he prefaces the trips with, "I don't really know what to do down here so we'll see how this adventure goes." I love Cali more than anything so of course I was freaking out to the max. I was texting all my sisters and just smiling so big, especially because Utah has been ultimate June Gloom. So we fly there, awesome flight. Love Jet Blue, they give you tons of snacks. We get to the airport, rent a Hybrid Altima (not too shabby, we ended up liking it a lot). We played all day on Coronado Beach which my friend Cristina said was the best one, then we drove up to La Jolla for Sushi with one of my best friends from high school and her boy. We stayed until 12 and they paid for our 100 bill. SO NICE! It was cute too because Sushi is what we had on our first date and we haven't had it since. Anyway, as we drove home he asked if I wanted to go on the beach, I said yes, and while he was changing and brushing his teeth, I totally fell asleep. Like out cold. SO DUMB. He let me sleep and was just going to ask me the next day. We are supposed to fly home that morning, but I talked him into one more day since we had nothing to go home to. So we made arrangements, and drove to stay with our friends in San Clemente(my favorite place in the whole wide world:) We went to the San Diego Temple, had lunch on the beach and just watched the fishers and surfers all day long. It was incredible. Then he asked if we could go and have crepes( that is what we had the first night we met so it has a special spot in our tum tums) We found this cute little cafe with a jazz band and ate crepes with nutella and strawberries. So yummy. Then we went and walked on the beach. By this time I knew what was going to happen and he was so so so nervous. It was so cute. I was like, "Blake I am going to say yes." The he told me that it was so hard to be in his position and that I had it easy. I just had to say yes and wear a pretty ring. Then he prefaced the whole convo with why he has taken so long to purpose. He said that we have had so much pressure and so many people giving us a hard time that he wanted me to know that this was coming from him and not cause he was feeling pressured or forced. That was the best thing he could've ever told me. Then he said he brought me to Cali because he knows that is here I am the happiest and that is where I always want to be. Then he proceeds to recite an on the spot poem to lighten the mood. I died laughing. He just rhymed all the reasons he loves me. I wish I could remember some of the lines. But it was so improv that I forgot it. Pretty good for spur of the moment! Then he stopped us after about two miles down the coast and takes a deep breath, kneels down, pulls out the ring and says all funny, "Jaclyn!" "Will you please marry me?" I said yes with these big tears in my eyes and he stood up and kissed me. He was shaking so bad. I have always been in love with him, probably since day one, but I feel in love hard that night. I just realized how much I need him in my life and the blessing he is. He thought about this moment for a long time and I knew it meant a lot for him to have it happen right. He is so cute. We took loads of pictures and then headed up to Talega, to the house we were staying at and went to bed. The next day we just strolled the harbor and went to the airport. SO AWESOME. I felt like a princess in one of those fantasy stories and I still do. He is so wondeful.


  1. oh my mother fitz!!!hahahahahah yay!!!! dude your ring!! BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited to see it and you guys for real on thrusday!

  2. Yay Jackie Chan! This is Nicole (terry) by the way! I'm so excited for you!

  3. Your ring is stunning, you are beautiful, and I am so so so happy for you! You two are positively glowing! Oh, LOVE!
    When's the big day?
    Love you, Jones!!

  4. Oh, I love this story Jaclyn. I forgot to have you guys tell me the story when we went camping! What was I thinking? I was crying just now as I read it. I am so happy for you, what a magical time in your life. I love that you have a blog...feel free to keep in touch through ours as well.

  5. Such a great proposal! I'm so happy for you guys!