08 December 2009

Ho bisogno di...

Merry Christmas! Today has been the most perfect Christmas prep day, I think the only thing that would make this better was if Blake was home...but I am not going to lie, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have been home all day and without a car and it has been snowing(absolutely exquisite) so my little brain has been trying really hard to be creative. First project: This window has quite the history. When I worked at DownEast I was transferring clothes from this armoire and as I turned the whole armoire fell on me. I told my boss I wouldn't sue if I could keep the cabinet doors that broke off. I gave one to my sister Brynlee and then kept one for myself. I finally have figured out something functional to do with it. I hacked apart my old cork board and put a piece of cork in the middle window, one of the glass panels still remain so I will write my weekly projects in the window with a dry erase marker(I also put on the top of my list in permanent things like, Love Blake, Clean My House, Kiss Blake, Make Dinner, just funny things and then I have a framed sign of my most favorite quote. It dates back to WWII: Keep Calm and Carry On. I love it! It is now in a more visible spot so hopefully I can remember better:) It is fun to start seeing the house come together, and the great thing about it is I didn't even spend any money. That is important when I report to the hubby. I am excited for my next endeavor. Natalie and I saw in a Martha Stewart mag a mail organizer made out of shutters. So my idea and you are more than welcome to copy if you make me one too! Ha! But I want to have a little station next to our desk where we can keep bills, reminders, save the dates, but I also wanted to have a mailbox so we could share love notes. That's cute right? Blake will read this and make fun of me for sure, but if you ask him he will say he loves my notes! My last one was Ariel and Eric...hello! That is cute and I don't care who knows it.

I am so grateful for this time of year, especially with where I am at in my life. I feel so blessed. I seriously am sitting here at my desk looking out our front window at a huge tree covered in snow, the snow is all sparkly, I am listening to Andrea Bocelli White Christmas, and thinking that I couldn't be in a better spot. I think Heavenly Father lets us have these little moments alone to help us figure out where we are and if we need to step it up or pour out our hearts in thanksgiving. I guess I need to be on my knees more. I love you all. Happy Holiday Prepping!

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