13 October 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween...with Spooky Crows!

Halloween just isn't the same without a few spooky crows in the mix; turns the house into an Alfred Hitchcock movie. (Shudder)

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I am absolutely in love with October. I have a better attitude, I love to dress up, and decorating does something for my soul. (Notice the Halloween nesting dolls from Grandma Audrey, that little sweetie) I love when the leaves turn and we can drive up to Park City and soak in the reds and yellows. I plan our Halloween costumes in March. We were supposed to be Sandy and Danny from Grease this year, but unfortunately my waistline sponges over the rubber band top of my Miley Cyrus leather leggings. Such a shame! So you will just have to wait and see what we come up with this year! I have next year planned and hopefully perfectly executed, body willing.

Anyway, I thought I would sophisticate some of my decor this year with a little white gloss paint. I got the idea from YHL and now am a little obsessed.

Not only do I love decorating for fall and mostly Halloween, but October also means Priesthood Session Cookies! Every October the LDS church holds General Conference. It is by far the best time of the year and it causes a lot of people to really search their own souls and decide where they stand as far as being believing. I have found that it is when I listen to conference and then really try to apply the principles I have learned that I see the most growth in my life. I felt like this years "over-all theme" wasn't about homosexuals and adultry, or even how mad God is at us (which I don't think He is), but if we are willing to follow the prophet or not. It's a decision that can enable power or disable a soul. One of the sessions is strictly for the male members, Priesthood Session. "But that's biased and discriminating." No it's not. I have never felt that way and I never will. The women get a session the week before, and besides Blake didn't get to make cookies with the cutest babies in the world. And are they cute! They may even be cuter than my own unborn or at least a close second. "Grandma Cheryl" has my sister's kids over to make Halloween cookies and it is always a total blast! She is the sweetest mother-in-law. I think she wishes all the babies in our families could live with her all the time.

Um, Tyler is such a sweetheart. You would think a boy his age would come in to this whole cookie thing with a bad attitude, but not when it was turned into a contest. Boy won the Best cookie of the night!

Emma makes her annual visit and though last year proved to be her worst cookie decorating experience, she pulled through and won 2010's "Cutest Cookie". We are so proud of her!

Luke could not wait to sink his teeth into those sugar babies. He used every single topping to decorate his cookies. Very efficient.

Cute Nat and Emmsy.


This is quite the intense process. The kids were so cute about helping Luke do it on his own.

Some of the finished goodies!

I am proud to say that creepy witch belongs to me. Cheryl opted for some gel frosting that turned my witch into perfection.

Halle Gal. I seriously think she is the cutest ever! I would also like to mention that she freakishly resembles an aunt of hers, mmm, I won't mention who.

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