20 October 2010

The Infamous Diaper Bag

So my thoughts are, thus follows; I find diaper bags to be one of the most frustrating pieces of the baby wardrobe. It really has been kind of burdensome to search for a bag that fits my personality and criteria. I am one of those soon-to-be's that likes practical pieces that will grow with my child rather than pieces my child will grow out of. For example, our nursery colors are black, white, red, and gray with a few splashes of mustard yellow. The choice was made simply because baby doesn't care what his room looks like when he gets here, by the time he is five he will have had the pirate stage over and done with, and when he is a teenager his room with be very classic and mod (a style I very much adore). So you can see how my mind feels overwhelmed at the thought that I am to carry a piece of baggage that will provide me with every necessity of my growing babies life. Kind of like a magic carpet bag; "You mean to carry carpets? Nope, made of." A high five to who can comment with what movie that is from! Here is my reasoning for the stress...

1. They always seem to be ugly and if they are not ugly they are pricey. (Hello, Petunia Pickle Bottom, would you like to meet my credit card?)
2. What about the Dad? He will carry it too, right?
3. Is it really all the efficient in comparison to a purse?

So my bestie Natalie and I went on the hunt to find the perfect diaper bag. Instead we found a rockin' Ellen Tracy Purse and some whimsical parasol fabric at Joann's. To sum up our victory, I think I found myself the perfect diaper bag!



Our cute little family. Mama bird's got a brand new bag!

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  1. I want a high five, the quote is from Mary Poppins. And very cute bag!