03 March 2011

A few things I have learned from Anthropologie.

This week I got my Anthropologie catalog and I decided to share some insight on the matter. First of all, I don't know many people who aren't incredibly appreciative of Anthropologie's distinctive look. I, for one, would love to deck out my home in nothing but Anthro. For a young married couple we can't afford to consistently keep up with their decor, but I am a dreamer and one day my home will be like walking into a Anthropologie store. For now I can just take what I learn and do the best I can.

Lesson #1: Don't be afraid to speak up.

We have to be able to speak up when trying to create a home. I want to create a place that tells people about us and not about Pottery Barn. I look for different pieces that tell visitors stories about our family, and if that means rocking a bright yellow leather sofa, then so be it.

Lesson #2 Use lots of materials

Ever thought to use firewood as a bed frame? Anthro has! I love how they take simple concepts and turn them into something beautiful. Why not team delicous linens with the natural feel of aspen wood? They take so many day to day items and create art. Remember the incredible light bulb fixture? I have been collecting different light bulbs ever since trying to recreate that feel in our home.

Lesson #3 It is perfectly fine to mix styles.

Maybe you have an obsession for vintage pieces and antiques and your lover would rather fill the house with modern pieces. Mix it then. It adds so much more character to the home and creates a place where everyone feels comfortable. I am a lover of the industrial chic and Blake is a minimalist so Anthro has got our attention for sure.

Lesson #4 You can never have too many dishes.

Um, I collect dishes. Blake thinks I need to curb the craving, but look at those? Who wouldn't want to have a Greek Yogurt Parfait in one of those dainty dainterson's?

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  1. agreed ever since you sent me there last feb - I am totally in love! love the post!