03 March 2011

Life with Nikson

I seriously could not have asked for a sweeter, more pleasant baby. I am crossing my fingers that this isn't just a "phase" and that this little man is always going to be a sweetie. Being a mom has been a total blast. I am learning a lot about who I am and who this new baby is. Around week 4 Nikson was getting a little fussy and crying out quite a bit, normal for most babies, but not him. I was concerned and so we took him to the doctor to treat him for reflux. Not only that but mama bird is on a "no cow-milk" diet. The protein in the milk was hurting my little guy's tummy and I hated seeing him hurt. Oh the sacrifices we make! I am fine without the dairy especially because he is so much more content. I love waking up and watching him smile in his sleep. He loves sleeping and has a hard time convincing himself that eating is more important than sleeping, so waking up is quite hilarious. Even now as I type, he is laying on my arms and passed out. His eyes will slowly roll back and he can't fight the urge. He is so sweet. I love that he is getting chubby and looking more like a baby rather than a newborn. My favorite part of the day is when Blake gets home and just talks with him. He will tell baby boy all about his day and how things are going. I love it. They are the cutest together. Most of the time Nikson will just coo at him and give him pretty big smiles. I know newborn smiles are mostly involuntary, but if you saw these two you would realize there is more of a connection there. I am enamored by them.

Nikson's newest sleeping partner, besides Mom and Dad, is his new fox. They call him socks. We call him Fantastic. He seriously is my most favorite thing ever. I hope Nikson really ends up liking him and they have the "Woody and Andy" type relationship. That's normal right?

His double chin is enough to make his mother head over heels in love. Ahh! I just can't get enough of him.


  1. I love your love for him. Adorable. What a huge sacrifice-no dairy. Wow!! Way to go. Way to keep nursing!!

  2. I just love that chub!! He looks exactly like Blake in the fox pic!

  3. Hey, I know that sacrifice! I'm right there with ya babe. Hang in there... it gets easier to resist after a while. :)