05 August 2011

The Perfect Housewife

Blake and I are starting up a new business.

Here is the skinny.

I started working for a dear friend Rebecca Jensen when I turned 16. My duties started off with just being her nanny and caring for her four crazy boys. It was such a fun job. As the boys started to be at school more full-time I still went to work 40 hours a week. I started doing a lot of random jobs to help organize her life. I don’t think she really needed me, but it freed up time for her to be more involved in her boy’s lives. It soon became a job that I was learning so much from and felt confident I could run this woman’s home without her. I would do anything she needed that she didn’t have time to get to or had no desire to do on her own. I started the day with projects like organizing her storage closets or rotating the boy’s clothes for different seasons. I decorated rooms, organized journals and pictures, helped with groceries, and ironed linens. There was one day Becca and I hand-painted her new cement walkway to make it look more natural, totally random, but now I can say I know how. Once the boys got home from school I had time to tackle homework and help drive for activities and sports without feeling like the house was chaotic. They were too busy to worry about the little things. This job was the ultimate training. My whole life I have worked for people that have helped me develop a very strong work ethic. These skills have given me a flair that has enabled me to make great connections and help a lot of people with organizing their lives and complete random, yet important projects. With my current employer, I do just that. My being there helps her live her life without having to worry about the little things. The more connections I make the more I realize there are people out there that need the same kind of help. Wouldn’t it be nice to have part-time personnel that could help you get your home or office in order so that you can be more a part of your life? The company is called The Perfect Housewife. So what I have done is I have gotten together some friends that I consider to be the very best at what they do and we are taking on Utah. Anyone of them can be hired on for part-time or full-time assistance to complete your everyday projects.

I am writing to you to enlist your help in getting the word out to people you know who would be interested here in Utah. I am also willing to do projects in Colorado when I am out there. I am really excited about this.

If you have questions, comments, or referrals please let me know! I am also taking resumes of people who are interested in working, so if you think of someone who fits the mold call me. This year has been so awesome for our little family and I am anxious for what’s to come.


  1. Tell me about this culinary support.....

    Does someone come in and help you cook? Or teach you?
    And..how much is it?
    I love this idea!! Good luck with it all

  2. Aubrey! So its kind of cool because it can be catered to your needs. One lady needs her diet food prepared and ready for her everyday. Another lady has lessons for herself and her kids. It's kind of up to you. Call me if you are interested.

  3. very exciting! I have always wanted to become a professional organizer. Good luck!