04 January 2012

Nikson's First Christmas

Christmas was absolutely lovely this year.
We got to spend most of the week with my brother and sister-in-law, their six daughters, and their brand new baby...BOY!
Everyone was home except for Natalie and her family, and my parents.

Our to-do's:
-work for a client. (pictures to come.)
-drive through quite a large snow storm. (Thanks Blake for taking one for the team)
-sledding and snow forts.
-go see a movie sans the little (Sherlock Holmes:Game of Shadows=Amazing)
-eat delicious food.
-play lots of games.
-lunch date with some friends.
-enjoy my sweet family.
-laugh a lot.
-wish we had more time.

It was absolutely perfect.

Austy, Nikson, and Tessa watching Dora.
A regular morning routine.

Austy and Nikson having their nightly tub.

Family sled time.
My pants were a little snug.
They were Gabbie's.
Don't judge.
Nikson lasted about 10 minutes once the wind picked up.

Could not have asked for more snow.
It made Christmas really feel like Christmas.

Waking up Christmas morning with these cuties was a delight.
Austin, Taylor, Aubrey, Jace, Afton, Tessa, Gabbie, and my munchkin.

Santa brought Nikson a rocking moose.
How did he know we wanted that for so long?

And getting to know baby Jace was so beautiful.
He is such a sweet baby.
People kept asking if we were ready for baby number two...
as darling as he is...
Not yet!


  1. I'm so glad you had a great time in Denver with family. I am TOTALLY bummed that I didn't get to see you but I am positive our paths will cross again.