12 January 2012

An Organized Office

Part of my Colorado trip was back to a client's home to start on their office.
Each trip we organize room by room.
And each trip I need to get better about documenting. Sorry for the iPhone shots again.
This trip was really nice because Nikson got to play with his cousins while I got to work.
Everyone's a winner!
One thing that I specifically love about my job is being able to teach people how to store their important goods, while getting rid of a lot of bulk and trash.
This sweet family has three darling girls that love crafts, kits, and school supplies so we had to really determine how many crayons and markers were enough to survive!
We compromised and found a system that worked great for them.

Matching bins in IKEA's Expedit Storage System really turned the chaotic office into a well-oiled machine.
Instead of hiding everything like the father wanted, we made it easily accessible, but well sorted for mom. 
Artwork was hung instead of hidden in bins.
Each daughter had her own bin of supplies.
Empty picture frames were filled and displayed.

The closet was turned into a massive storage unit where the kids and parents had access to everything that was previously just floating around the office.
Pictures were already put into bins and the girl's art kits were consolidated into specific spots.
We got rid of bookcases, tables, bins, and shelves, replacing everything with the Expedit units.
I left feeling quite satisfied and ready to take on another project.

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