11 January 2012

Wednesday is Pinterest Day

One thing that has kept my relationship with my oh so charming honey from perfect is our inability to focus when given some sort of electronic device that connects us to the www. Most nights you will find us perusing the information highway rather than communicating. It may seem sad to some of you, but I am almost willing to bet that some of you are feeling me.
Blake's drink of choice is a mixture of games, tech blogs, and nerdy comics. I am more of a design blogs, Amazon, and Pinterest girl. (oh, and Instagram.) (oh, and Facebook.) But that is it! I swear.

The dilemma is this...why are we not as exciting as what we see on our phones?
Riddle me that.

You may ask, "Will the defendant plead her cause?"
Most certainly.
I want to be creative! but I just don't have the brain power to make it up on my own.
I do, on the other hand, have the ability to re-create what someone else has made up.
Copy cat.
Copy and paste.
Copy that, Sargent.
I find a lot of joy in recreating spaces, products, and ideas.
Sometimes I add a touch of "me" in there, but let's be honest, I am 100% made up of thousands of other people's ideas.
Thank you world wide web for opening up my ability to "DO."

My evidence?
Homemade Laundry Detergent = $19.37/9-12 months

1 4 lb 12 oz box Borax (2.15 kg or 76 oz) found in the detergent isle

1 4 lb box Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (1.81 kg) found in the cooking isle

1  box Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda 55 oz (3 lb 7 oz) found in the detergent isle

3 bars of Fels-naptha soap, found in the detergent isle.
(Microwave each bar separately for two minutes. They will look like this. Let cool completely and then crumble into mixture. Microwaving it allows for the flakes to dissolve easier when in load.) 

2 small containers of oxyclean or store brand oxyclean (try to get about 3.5 lbs total (1.58 kg)) found in the detergent isle. (Use the scoop for your loads.)

I found all of this side by side at Walmart.

Mix in a garbage bag and then place in a two gallon container of your choice.

I will have to let you know when I actually run out of the miracle suds, BUT for $20 you can't go wrong. It smells great and so far, my first loads are really clean and fresh smelling.

Questions you may have?

  • This mix can be used front loaders. Just put a scoop directly in the bin.
  • Nikson has sensitive skin, and it hasn't irritated him. Very mild.
So you see members of the jury, although I am not spending adequate time communicating with my husband. His clothes are remarkably clean and his bank account still has money in it.
I rest my case.

Have a great day!


  1. Haha I totally made a liquid form of this detergent a month ago. I've got lots left but I am starting to miss the smell of my tide :) Derek thought I was a quack for doing it

  2. does this work for high efficiency washer and dryers