24 February 2012

dear blake,

i have had some really great laughs this week.
when we were trying to take a nap before the little woke up and you said, "it was snap time."
i naturally started snapping.
when you went on your rant about decorative soaps and towels and asked if we were going to have decorative babies too.
"has our relationship really come down to this?"
when you watched downton with me without even complaining.
i laughed when you told me about the frog you caught in your youngers and just put him in a bowl under your bed.
i sort of laughed when my homemade spaghetti turned out to be totally awful.
we laughed when allie's chipotle shrimp tacos burned all of our insides and we drank all of their milk.
even though they were hotter than anything we have ever experienced they were deceptively delicious.
we owe you allie!

the little feels kind of sick today.
makes me wish you were home to snuggle him.
but i will do it.
i don't mind.
thanks for being the dad and such a good one.
thanks for letting me be the mom.
i love you.

i am excited today is so sunny.
that means we get to spend some time outside.
we will wait for you.

dear beard,
you make me happy.
you look really handsome on blake.
he looks older.
we have learned a lot about each other.
i think we will probably learn more, which scares me.
never a dull moment.
in fact, you make kissing very spontaneous.
the bigger you grow the stronger we will get though.

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  1. The beard? You'll get used to it. And then you'll never want it to leave!

    1. i was going to suggest to the beard that he could try not to get as big as noni's and then link to your blog. should have.

  2. i love this idea! i wanna do this for my hubby

  3. What a sweet wife you are. I rarely elaborate about my husband but I kinda should. He's going to think I love the kids and dog more than him.

  4. oh i love these letters! you're adorable, and so is your family!
    i was talking about the rhineers. such a sad story, we love keri so much!


  5. How did I miss this post?! Especially since it told me that I WON!!! WHOOT WHOOT!! Thanks so much my dear! I will email you now!!

    P.s. Super cute post - I love the letters!