28 February 2012

tiny house

as some of you may know i have a small to absolutely ridiculous obsession with portland designer, jessica helgerson.
her work is all over pinterest, martha stewart has her on the radar, and she has won plenty of awards for her work.
based in portland, helgerson is slowly transforming vintage homes into reclaimed, high-efficiency abodes.
her talent of using small spaces and creating timeless homes is amazing.
one of my favorite blogs, birch and bird featured her tiny house yesterday so i thought i would spread the love.

This little house is where Jessica and her family have been living for the last several years. It sits on a five-acre property on Sauvie Island, an agricultural island on the Columbia River 15 minutes north of Portland.
The house is an interesting experiment in reduction and reuse not only because it is only 540 square feet or because it was remodeled using nearly exclusively reclaimed materials, but because the building itself is now being recycled for the fourth time.

the home screams simplistic chic.
blake and i are always talking about when we have a lot of money people won't know it by the size of our home and our children won't know it either.
we want to create a home where what goes on inside it's walls is more rich and abundant than how much was spent on it.
i think it is important to teach your children that money doesn't make you happy.
now if only i could talk california into thinking the same thing.
when we move there this motto won't be a choice!
tiny house or bust!

the best things in life aren't things and i believe helgerson has captured the very essence of that.


  1. I so want this house! It's the perfect size and everything for me :)
    and thank you for commenting on my blog! I'm your new follower!


  2. That's so funny! I've seen these pictures all over Pinterest and have been loving them - didn't realize they came from the same house and designer! I love that it has all kinds of nooks. I'm just crazy about nooks : )



  3. wow that house is really awesome. i love the bunk beds and the the colors she selected. what a cool house

  4. oh my! this is amazing. thanks for sharing. i want to live there. i prefer cute and cozy to HUGE.

    cheers. thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Loving every bit of this. I am following your blog now! Thanks for stopping by! Become a follower if you'd like! Love your blog so much!

  6. I love this house. There is definitely a new movement toward smaller houses with better quality, and I love it. I complete echo the sentiment about wealth not being reflected in the size of your house. Great post!

  7. ummmm hello you never told me how to find her homes... tell me and spring break we will go down and make a day of it

  8. WOW... amazing!!! Love that she makes use off ALL space in their home. Definito inspiring!!!

  9. Soo awesome! I defiantly will check into her work!

  10. I think that's a great philosophy (about the money, house, children not knowing it), I'm loving all this home inspiration and the spaciousness and openness of her designs. I think it's great inspiration for the home we're hoping to build on a small island in Fiji.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some love Jaclyn. I hope you have a great week :)

  11. this looks like a dream. and i wouldn't mind the 5 acres of property either!