30 March 2010

Feel Something Beautiful

"The plan was for me to become a celebrity and
she was going to be the most famous stylist in Hollywood!"

Anne Bench is one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world. We were companions when we served in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the Lord has decided to let us spend more time together. Anne moved out to Salt Lake in September to start fresh. She trained at the most incredible hair academy in So Cal and worked at the prestigious Hamilton's. If you know hair, you know how impressive that is. So why am I writing? She needs new clientele in Utah. In California she was booked three months in advance for her style and technique and she moved here and left a lot of lifetime clients. People still call to book appointments with her for when she may go home. I am just doing a push to help a sista out. I am really picky about my hair, but sometimes I don't know exactly what I want so she takes into account my personality and what I love and I come out feeling so awesome! Her unique style has converted me! She is so talented and now I won't go to anyone else. Her color is amazing and she always cuts my hair so that even two months later people still ask me if I got my hair done. She is known for her Texas blow dry and her awesome dry cuts. She is offering a stylist change discount; just try her out once and if you decide to switch, your next service is discounted! She is working for Nine Salon out in Daybreak...I know, "but Daybreak is pretty far!" It is worth it! Comment below if you would like her contact information or just call/text me.

Feel Beautiful...All the Time


  1. Good job Jac! Anne Girl, I've always loved your hair! What is the secret, how do I get great hair? My hair is so dry from the mean winter? P.s. I would so love to be a client, I wish I lived where you are! haha

  2. i ll go some time

    the russian