20 February 2015

Here we go again.

On my 29th birthday, I gave myself the gift of social media freedom. I wrote a letter to myself expressing the need for me to let go of my virtual community and start living in the now. I needed to start showing my family that they were important to me because I loved them and not because I was concerned with the reaction I would get from the community. I chose to break away from my constant checking of Instagram and the aimless wandering on Facebook and really start doing things for myself and not for fake validation. I'm not reinventing the wheel here but it was a pivotal switch in my determination to embrace my reality and continues to be something I need as an individual to focus on my life. I felt really impressed to focus on my tangible relationships and spend my time discovering who I needed to be without the influence of the world and what it felt I should be. So here we go again, an attempt to document my self discovery, the happenings of our family, and the things I learn along the way. 

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